The Market

on the Boulevard

Hot Noodle Menu

Super Pho
Super Pho is Vietnamese Noodle, based on Beef Broth with rice noodle, topped with rib-eye steak, onion, cooked bean sprout, green onion and Basil.

Japanese Ramen
Based on beef broth with wheat flour noodle, topped with rib-eye steak, onion, Bok Choy, cooked bean sprout, green onion, a boiled egg, and Basil.

Based on mildly flavored broth, with thick wheat-flour noodle, topped with fried tofu, green vegetable, dried seaweed, imitation crab meat stick.

Additional Topping

Extra Rib-Eye Steak  $2.50
Extra Noodle for Pho $2.00
Extra Bok-Choy $1.50
All price are subject to change without notice.